Eat Fuck Die

by The Poke

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The Poke-
Mickey - guitar/vocals
Fiona - bass
Liam - drums/vocals
Con - guitar/vocals

Stephen Ryan - Vocals on 'You Don't Like Us'
Gripper Bourke - Additional Vocals on 'Kill Them All...' and 'Shit'

Way back in 2002, Steve and Liam from windings were in a punk band called The Poke. They covered vocals and drums respectively. Also in the band were Con (guitar/vox), Fiona (bass), and Mickey (guitar/vox). The Poke were a great band!
Recently, we were shocked and saddened to to hear that Mickey has got cancer. He's going through treatment at the moment, and is keeping very positive. However, as you can imagine, this is a very challenging and costly time for Mickey, Fiona, and their two little kids Seamus (2) and Aoibhinn (6 months).
A 'demo' was recorded and released by The Poke in a very small quantity in 2002. It was called Eat, F*ck, Die, and it's pretty damn good. It hasn't been available anywhere since then, so we thought it'd be a nice idea to upload it to bandcamp now, so folks can give a few bob and have a listen. All monies received will go straight to Mickey and Fiona's paypal to help out a small bit with their current situation.
Even if this isn't your thing musically, we'd very much appreciate you sharing this post as far and wide as possible, we know that Mickey, Fiona and family will be so appreciative.
Thanks you guys

Con's Memories of the Recording Process:

The Poke was formed some time in 2000/2001. Con and Mickey through a mutual loving of punk rock decided we were gonna do a band. Steve Ryan and Liam Marley from Tooth also were interested in doing some noise after the demise of their own band. Fiona said she would do bass. Enough for a band. Steve vox, Liam drums and vox, Mickey guitar and vox, Con guitar and vox, Fiona bass and would not sing.
We played a few gigs.
Steve had to leave.
Everyone cried.
So then we were 4.
In 2002 we decided to do a recording. No money, no ambition and no clue how to go about this. Mark O Connor had recently got a very nice digital recording piece of equipment so we booked 2 evenings in the practice room(storage warehouse/workshop place....was fucking freezing) and asked Richard Bourke(Legend sound man for the AMC, and now a member of Outonalimb Records) if he would be there to assist Mark with the recording.
***Richard was involved with the AMC and we played a lot of gigs with him as sound man. He knew what we were...***
So we booked 4 hours in freezing fucking cold "warehouse".
Mark OC arrived and his desk would not work....we tried. Everyone tried...but nothing. Technology was above us. Luckily I remembered Richard had a Tascam 4 track tape thingy (my knowledge of recording equipment knows no bounds). We asked Richard if he could record us live using the Tascam. Conversation ensued, and we had access to a studio master desk from the AMC, so we could use that to try and minimise the 4 tracks.
Following evening we tried again. Old school. 4 Tracks through a Studiomaster desk as a mixer.
I think the set up was drums and bass mixed in to 2 tracks and guitars in to one track. Pretty much all done in one take apart from Dignity which Mickey had some pedal issues which resulted in "fuck you you stupid fucking pedal" outburst which is still on the original recording tape....pretty sure I still have it.

So then we had 1 track left for vocals.

The vocals were to be done at Richard's house. We asked Steve to do vocals on You Don't Like us (And We Definitely Don't Like You).He managed to get them down before we did. Not too long after (a week?) we arranged for myself Mickey and Liam to do the rest of the vocals.
Recorded in a kitchen while people were having a Tequila party in the room next door....all they could hear was random shouting and screaming. We even got some of them to do some backing vocals on Kill Them All...
Eric Kelleher was left off the inlay notes. Just for the record he shouted as loud as the rest of us. Kill em all indeed.

So that is my memory of the Demo.

It is for me a memory of friendship.


released January 1, 2002

Recorded and Mixed by Richard Bourke Oct 2002
Mastered By Stephen Ryan



all rights reserved


The Poke Limerick, Ireland

Crust punk band based out of Limerick around 2002-2004. Fuckin great!

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